Photos and Video

Here at Wired Iris, we tend to keep up with the newest advancements in technology. It's what we do best! But if you're not an early adopter, or the equipment just didn't exist in your day, we can help take you and your memories into the digital age with photo scanning and video transfer services.

Photo Services

Photo Scanning

If you have boxes of photos in your basement or attic, they're not just collecting dust, but they're also aging every day. The sooner you digitize those precious memories, the better they will look. Wired Iris can scan them for you. Along with print photos, our facility can also scan 35mm film, slides and other larger media. Once digitized, they're preserved for future generations and can even be turned into a gift for other family members.

Photo Enhancement

Over the years, photos can get damaged during moves or from improper storage. If your photos are showing their age, we can breath new life into them. Cropping and retouching are the most common fixes but sometimes torn or mutilated photos need serous restoration. This time-consuming process can fix even the most hopeless photo. If you're unsure of a particular photo, don't hesitate to call for a consultation. You'd be surprised what wonderful things we can do with photos.

We also offer high-resolution scanning to suit all your needs. The advantage of higher resolutions is the flexibility to do more with the digital file. We scan photos and slides at an acceptable resolution for 5x7 and possibly 8x10 prints. Depending on your needs, we can scan as high as 4800 DPI (dots per inch).

Photos to DVD Keepsake

Whenever you have photos, film or slides scanned with us, we include a cross-platform CD or DVD of your files at no additional charge. This disc just contains the files which you can use to print or upload to an online printer using a personal computer. If you'd like to turn your photos into something even better, you should consider a DVD Keepsake.

This unique gift combines your scanned photos and music into a DVD keepsake playable on any set top DVD player. The slideshow can contain as many or as few photos as you like.

The more advanced Themed DVD includes beautiful menus and the ability to create separate slideshows.

If you're looking for something really special, Wired Iris can turn your photos into a montage. This is where we bring your still photos to life with artistic zooming and panning in or out on each photo to simulate motion. It includes themed menus along with chapters and titles.

Video Services

Video Transfer

Everyone keeps upgrading their home theater systems to the latest and greatest equipment leaving their tapes behind. Now is the perfect time to transfer your old videos onto a DVD. It is a well-known fact that a tape degrades every time it is played. When handled properly, a DVD will retain the same quality forever.

We have the capability to transfer just about any format of video to DVD. If you've got a unique tape, call us to see if we can accommodate your request.

Video Enhancement

Sometimes home videos can wear out over the years, but we have a few techniques to help fix them. It only makes sense to put the best version of your video on a DVD. If the color has faded, we can adjust the levels to make it more vivid. If the audio has a constant buzz or hum you just can't get rid of, we can filter your audio to remove it. You're sure to pick up on the higher quality, especially in the new digital format.

Video to DVD Keepsake

Video transferred to DVD comes in a standard DVD case, complete with chapters every 5 minutes. They auto play once inserted and you can pause or jump to the different chapters. This is included with all orders.

To make your DVD more personal, consider a themed DVD with custom menus. This gives you the ability to break up a long tape into smaller videos so you can easily access them from a professional menu.

Wired Iris also employs highly skilled video editors. Once your video is digitized, we can go through and select highlights and edit them into a very artistic final product. This is great for vacation footage or parties that are too long to sit and watch start to finish. Along with your transferred video, you'll have an overview you can show to friends.

  • In many cases, video quality can suffer when filming with a consumer-level camera. If you have something special you want captured in rich detail, consider our mini-documentary. We'll come and film, edit and deliver exactly what you want.